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Connecting to server problem

by ProvokedBuddy

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Connecting to server problem

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Hi! I'm a player from india with a good speed connection, but still I face many problems while playing apex.

After launching the game, in the server selection menu I get get 60-90 ping for Singapore Tokyo and Taiwan servers and 0% packet loss but while playing the game I'm suddenly thrown out of the game or the game itself runs laggy!

It says out of code or shows up all the 4  connection icons!

I'm facing this issue past 3 months expecting the issue to be resolved by updates but still I'm facing the same problem

Internet speed -25 Mbps ( 2-15ms ping)

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Re: Connecting to server problem

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maybe this can help.

sometimes it helps, just do a full restart on your router,
for that's what I did. when I had Connection issues.

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Re: Connecting to server problem

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you can try my idea    look my upload image.   

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