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Re: Compatibility on iPhone 6

by vevgi

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Compatibility on iPhone 6

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Hello simmers, for awhile ive been having issues on my game. specifically after the first treasure hunting update. back then the game crashed when id open the map. i somehow kept playing and when the event was done i played the game better even tho it did crash at times again. as you know we had STS before that new Treasure Hunting update and i played STS well enough. and lastly unfortunately with the latest halloween treasure hunting even my kept kept crashing again. now not only with the app, but all the time. so i cant even play the game at all. it keeps crashing, closing. if im not wrong, ive heard people having issues like that on iphone6 or 6s on some social media forums.


thats so upsetting because i put my effort, time and money on a game that i enjoy but it eventually stops working on the device i use.


id like to specify that i did the troubleshooting, and ive enough free space on my device.


i also wonder if any of you have ever heard about if restoring your phone works at all? ive no idea.


i hope i can get help and this can be solved. do you have any ideas?

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Re: Compatibility on iPhone 6

@vevgi Hi!
It's not only the free space on your phone that affects the game. I have to close all background applications every time I notice my game is not opening. In iOS: Double tap your home button to enter multitasking mode, then swipe upwards on each app's screen preview (not the icon) to close it.

If you are planing to restore your device, please be sure your game progress is saved.

Take also note of your player-ID.

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Re: Compatibility on iPhone 6

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hi @salixm !


yes i know, ive tried everything, honestly.


at the previous update ive been told it seemed like a compatibility problem, and at the last time i spoke too there wasnt more they could help me with and im trying to reach out now through here (:


i'll make sure! thanks

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