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Re: Company coins not adding up

by Tanel-H

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Company coins not adding up

★★★★ Novice

I am playing a lot of the game, i do daily tasks and other assingments, but i still dont get my company coins.

My rate that adds up is like 100-150 coins per week or so it seems, last week i had 3000 company coins and this week i have like 3200, whats the logic behind that, this game so broken that i am in point to just ignore that game.

How am i suppos to rank up weapons if i would not get any company coins?

Fix that damn game already, it feels that this game is in prelaunch, but it is not even that because the performance is way worse than it was on a realese, i had to buy new cpu just to play with low settings (i7 6700k, gtx 1060, 16gb ram)

Almost given up on that game, very dissapointed Angry


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Re: Company coins not adding up

Community Manager
Looking at your account I can see you gaining company coins from every match you are playing. @Tanel-H  
There are repeatable Assignments that you do in-game to gain a good chunk of company coins. 
Example how they look:


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Re: Company coins not adding up

★★★★ Novice

Yeah, wierd now i am gaining 700 coins per match, it did not show amount prior to my message, gained next to nothing.

I have now normal rate of comapny coins which adds up.


So long story short, if you complain enough of that broken game, you eventually can get some crappy cosmetic items, thanks Dice!!


And that hit registration, you blame ui that shows wrongly dealt damage is bs, i had to close range headshot enemy, added up a body shot, throwed molotov and to add up I shot him with grenadelauncher. And i was playing with shotgun, what a joke.


It feels like this game gets worse every day i play that game


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