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Command and conquer remastered incomplete interface

by SpannyTara

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Command and conquer remastered incomplete interface

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Hello everyone


Well, a few days ago I acquired the command and conquer remastered collection from Steam, however I am trying to play it since I have problems with the interface this problem occurs in both games (Red Alert - Tiberium). Basically in the game the sidebar does not appear, and in the main menu it is visually incomplete, I have re-installed the game twice and searched for solutions everywhere without success.


Does anyone have an idea that happens or if someone else happens?



screenshots here: 



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Re: Command and conquer remastered incomplete interface

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Duplicate Thread.
There's still no proper solution that applies across the board though.

There may be a solution that will work for you, but don't expect a miracle.
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Re: Command and conquer remastered incomplete interface

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The sidebar not appearing is confirmed to be caused by using a graphics card that does not support, or does not fully support, DirectX 11.



There is no simple solution to this problem, because it is simply a matter of not meeting the minimum requirements of the game.

Like most people helping out around this place, I am a volunteer, not an EA employee. I'm just here to help. If my answer helped you, please give XP. And if an answer solved your problem, be sure to accept it as solution.
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