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Code:net error

by tutrata20

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Code:net error

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It's my fist time playing apex, I meant trying to play apex cuz everytime I try to start a match it shows me the code:net error and I'm not able to finish a game. Really desapointed

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Re: Code:net error

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Its a bug with network communication between you and the EA servers. It can be a really big problem sometimes. The best thing to do is restart Origin when that happens and try again. If it really wont let you play a full game check what data center its giving you and ALWAYS pick the one with the lowest ping. Also, faster net speeds do help prevent this. Still, you're not the only one with these issues. I have very good internet and have had issues with this as well. Still, check your data center sometimes it isn't set to the lowest I had to change it a couple times cuz it changed on me before.

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Code:net bug season 8 apex

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I had this code: net error and unfortunately for 3/4 of season 8 I could not play this error all the time it happened to me so it resolved and I am reporting, could I get compensation for this error? 

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I have been getting code:net for over a year cant play more than 2 matches in a row,  tried everything on your page: uotrace and portfowarding as well and nothing works. can please get some help

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