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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

by AsnShadowNinja

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I've just updated the firmware on my router and its has solved all connection errors thus far

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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@The2xB2B Thank you for the info. Can I check what router you're using?

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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@EA_Blueberry Hey question would be, why should I have to change my port settings (not really sure how to do that,also there are 2 xboxs connected not just 1) for just apex to work when I have no issues with connectivity to other game lobbies while playing under the same network??
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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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@EA_David I’m using the Netgear R6220 router.
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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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Ideally we never would want you to go through these steps to perform that. Some routers might have specific ports closed off by manufacturer default or from an update. @The2xB2B just mentioned updating the firmware on the router fixed this (which I've also seen fix other connectivity issues). That is a simple thing to check, you just have to login to the router's admin panel (instructions are usually on the router itself) and go to the hardware update section to see if one is available.

We've seen others fix connectivity issues when two consoles or PCs under the same network couldn't connect properly. A few quick network adjustments help some players out if you wanted to give them a look below.

Console Thread


PC Thread


Let us know if you have any questions. Our Live-Support team is always on standby 24/7 if you need immediate 1:1 troubleshooting, however they could be limited on walking you through network adjustments which would best be handled by your ISP.


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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I've noticed whenever I encounter this error on my xb1x my game play is horrible.  When it occurs, the sound of other players is a little off or non existent for footsteps etc.  If I join a session and it's like this, it doesn't get resolved in that session.  Hit boxes seem off, you feel a little behind.  Happens more now when I squad up and more so in ranked play.  I always see leaf.  I've reset everything a dozen times but doesn't really resolve anything.  I changed from my Google Wifi network and wired directly to my LAN and that didn't change it.  I constantly ping 250 down and 25 up, so that's not it.  I never had issue with Battlefront 2 ever.  


Last night it crashed it so hard it took me to the landing page and would no longer connect.  It just ran the numbers attempt # x, x, x ,x,.  I have to actually close the game and come back in.  


Sometimes when it aborts on game load, I may still be in a squad, but not allowed to select Y to join a game.  


Being a developer myself I find this extra troubling because it happens so frequently to me that I feel like it wasn't really QA'd on you guys end.  I love the game and am just you middle of the road player, but the bugs are so frequent and taxing on the player it's hard to enjoy.  Things like hot dropping the second the ship becomes active and someone beats you down by 2 seconds, buggy.  Vanishing hit boxes, buggy.  Sound missing, buggy.  

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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So ports are forwarded and router/Xbox power-cycled and then this. Unfortunate as we were just about to engage the 3rd party

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I got this all the time!

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20190712_202152.jpgdo u have any answers 

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I have been dealing with the error multiple times every single night I try to play. This has gotten to the point that if it isn't fixed soon I will not be playing this game. This is ruining my experience when I come home from work and just want to chill out with some games. 


That being said, it would be ill-advised to expect a solution without assisting with finding one. Here is a link to an album that displays my connection information coming from my Xbox One (OG Xbox). I have also included a link to two videos where this problem occurred multiple times following a match. Though they are two videos they should be viewed consecutively starting with this one and then this one as that is the order in which the problems occurred. 


I hope this information is helpful to the devs. 


EDIT: I will be trying the suggested changes to the router settings this evening. I will document my progress.


EDIT 2: Didn't get around to changing the DNS settings yet. Trying to figure that out will update more when I do.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I clicked play apex on standard mode. This has happened over 20 times today. I have played 4 hours. 

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