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Code: Leaf

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Hi all, we made some recent changes to our error codes depending on the circumstances that lead up to that error. 


First some context as to what these errors mean:

  • code:leaf - the server never answered us when we asked it if we could connect

  • code:net - we were on a server and it disappeared on us and stopped answering


Back at launch we had a few different things that would display an overly generic timeout error, and the problem was that it could mean 4 different things (only one of which was a true timeout). So we added 4 different error strings and put random words in each one so that we could differentiate them both at the customer support level and also on our error tracking backends.


In our 1.2 patch, users started getting this more often. The consistent report is that it happens after an extended time on the Kings Canyon load screen just after a match starts.


The vast majority of players reporting the error are getting code:leaf. This means the backend created a match, our servers successfully talked to one another, we sent users there, and the player never got an answer from that new server.


We then gathered enough data to prove that servers don't think clients are timing out, but clients think servers are timing out. That was a strange finding. We also verified that we aren’t launching matches that are partially full - so code:leaf seems to hit every single player on that match server, not just some players.


So we’ve been investigating a lot of situations that could be causing this and working our way through theories to see what it could be and steadily eliminating possibilities. In addition to the work ongoing on our end, we’ve also been working with Multiplay and data teams to gather more telemetry.


EDIT: Oct 1st: We’re aware of new reports following recent fixes in place for Code: Leaf and are tracking the issue.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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How do we fix this problem?

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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Can't play even a single match but my friend who lives 20 minutes away has no issues. Code Leaf. I can pick my character but it times out before the Champions screen even shows. This is very disappointing as I can't even get boots on the ground. I play on Xbox One S and this just started for me 6/24/19, but I've seen others as far back as three weeks.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I get this error on my xbox every 2~3 games sometimes 3 in a row after searching game maybe because of packet loss i have 60% packet loss it's not my internet.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I can't play as well on PC. Mostly it locks after 10-20 seconds on the character screen and I get the CODE:NET og CODE:WHEEL message. Once in a while, I can get to the King's Canyon loadingscreen, before getting the error. 


ONCE in the last week I've been able to get into a game, but that was so lag-ridden, that it was almost unplayable. 


I have a cabled connection to my PC, and it's been working perfectly until a week ago. 

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I used to never have any problems playing, been playing since day 1... but in the last month it’s been super frustrating to try to play. For me, i always get the code leaf either as soon as I’m done flying, or while picking my legend. Wired connection here also with pretty damn good internet from Comcast, without any problems on other games. I have a feeling it’s because the server either isn’t sending data correctly or to the console or not reading it correctly. Which would be packet loss but I almost never have problem with that on this game, besides the code leaf error a lot recently.  

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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3 out of 10 games will disconnect (usually the entire squad or lobby) to Code:Net randomly during games. I assure you my connection isn't the problem or anyone else's, literally everyone I play with including myself is an "IT Guy" and I repair my game after I get "connection issues animations" at the top right screen 2+ games back to back and then the errors usually stop until you get another Code:Net, Leaf doesn't show up as much. Sorry if it sounds like a rage post I still like the game and play it often, just trying to give honest feedback.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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@DamienTC UPDATE: I finally fixed my game. It was a local networking problem.

Problem was, that I had a MESH network connected to my internet router, and that the MESH-network did it's own routing on top of the internet router.

I switched my MESH to Bridge Mode, and problem was solved. Game works perfectly now.
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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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@EA_DavidAlt tabbing seems to cause code:leaf for me sometimes, like when im in character selectin or when im waiting for a match and alt tab, this error code pops up from time to time. Only had this error code once or twice in game and got kicked out, but it was before recent patch. 

Personally i think it might be my own network problem, not that its slow or anything (100mbits up n down) but how my isp or router deals with constant data flow.

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Re: Info Request: Code: Leaf & Code: Net

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I haven’t been able to play one full game of apex in two days because of this code error leaf and it’s frustrating because I enjoy playing but it won’t let me I load into a game and soon as I pick a character or as I’m gliding out it freezes me then kicks me and shows me the message 

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