Cloud game progress lost.

by StuffyPlayer24

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Cloud game progress lost.

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E.A was contacted several times in several ways regarding game progress lost, buildings missing, trees and park items missing, home furniture missing and all my extra inventory are no longer in my inventory, it's all for sale now. Not only that, game account 1 all sims are gone, generational sims are gone and now the cloud will not load the game. 2nd sims mobile game account the entire Parkview items are gone.  No hospital furniture, no cafe furniture and no fashion/ Salon items. Game account 3 all furniture from one home ilhas disappeared.  Game 1 & 2 shared same player I.D HOW I DO NOT KNOW! E.A has been telling me same thing OVER AND OVER TO CONTACT HELP......HEEEEEEELPPPPP!!! thank you for your time

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Re: Lost game progress

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Hi I tried to find a place to comment on this because I am experiencing simular situation.  I have 3 gaming accounts for sims mobile using same phone. I have been playing for almost 1 yr come May and now this is happening. I truly have investing quit a bit of money for entertainment.  first I log into main account to find all furniture missing from home, I contacted e.a email and e.a help . on my android qhen trying to contact, it says allow browser functionality ( whatever that nean, I asked E.A never answered) I reach out to e. a through Twitter, Facebook messenger and no response.  I log out game and signed into second account, ALL THE FURNITURE IN THE PARK GONE, TREES BENCHES , JUST SHELL OF BUILDINGS, this too was sent to e.a and the images, they told me go to help center. I log out and check game 3 to find ALL FURNITURE MISSING FROM ONE HOUSE . NOW STS is active event I paid 113.00 so far this month( sent to e.a) Log into my main account again and ALL MY SIMS ARE G9NE AND THE HISTORY OF MY SIMS. LOG OUT LOG IN AND NOW THE ENTIRE FREEEAKING GAME IS GONE  CANT LOG IN AND CLOUD WONT LOAD MY MAIN GAME LEVEL 52

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Re: Cloud game progress lost.

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What they mean is that you need to  send in a Help Ticket from your in-game account. Advisors need mobile players to do this because in-game mobile tickets bring through needed details. Contacting by any other method (Facebook, Twitter) will only delay support and you'll be asked to go back and send in an in-game help ticket. Also worth noting that sending in help tickets from the mobile in-game account ensures the tickets go through to the mobile advisors directly who'll be far more informed.


  1. If you can open your game, in-game option is the best:

    If you have issues accessing your game, there is an alternative for you. Make sure to provide your Player ID when explaining your problem. This will make things faster!

  2. Follow the instructions, and choose  the topic of your help request.

    In your case, I would suggest you to select Connection and Tech Support. Then select Game progress issues.

  3. Fill the form adding the information you think will be helpful for the advisors to understand your problem. 

  4. If you have purchased packs, have valid proof of purchase available for advisors

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Re: Cloud game progress lost.

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@SalixCat Already done and I have talked too one advisor by the name Anjali G. and his response was a lot of players are experiencing the same thing to not uninstall or reinstall the game because E.A is working on it. No resolve and my previous ticket they closed it with "no available resolve" as a response
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Re: Cloud game progress lost.

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Stuff player 24 my progress was lost as well on the sims mobile level 28 unlocked all buildings and full house of sims babies toadlers etc and pay real money for purchase. EA still ain't done nothing about it. Showed them proof of screenshots as well.

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