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Client asynchronus, gear gone?

by Whylaender

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Client asynchronus, gear gone?

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I was about to gear up barriss and during equipping a gear part the Client crashedcand needed to be reloaded. Before that barriss showed me 4 parts to equip to get to gear 11, where of i did one of them. After reload the green Plus was missing at type 5 medpack and further to that 50 type 3 carbantis were gone on top. Can you please follow that up, wanted to gear her for the TW.

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Re: Client asynchronus, gear gone?

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Hey. That’s happened to me before as well.

When in the process of gearing a character the game crashes. However when I go back in, my gear is still there it just might be the crafted version of it (cause I tapped craft), but it hasn’t been equipped yet.
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