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Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

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RE: "This is a known problem that is apparently being worked on right now" (In a post in FEBRUARY regarding lag and constantly being booted from the game)





I'm starting to not want to play Apex Legends anymore... Or any other EA game for that matter, as the problems are bloody uniform for crying out loud,  and you guys just cant acknowledge it.


I have seen quite a lot of alleged EA Reps ditching questions and complaints online by trying to blame the customer's ISP, modem or equipment. 


Let me tell you something, that won't work for me.  I have worked within the 5th largest NBN provider within Australia (you know, the guys(Aussies) who invented wifi) as a Tier 1, 2 and 3 support officer, and even became the support manager.  I worked closely with wholesalers and NBN to rectify problems with internet services.

This means I have a pretty good understanding of how to identify whether an issue even has anything to do with the internet, through some very basic isolation methods.


I (along with a lot of other people) am tired of constantly being kicked from the game mid-round,  its not fair on anyone, and it almost always happens when I get gold armor (yes I know it is probably unrelated).


I've also had enough of being disadvantaged due to lag.


Example 1: I land on a supply ship and, without even touching the controls, I get bounced around and even sling-shot off the damned thing.


Example 2: I  shoot a target (enemy player) dead center at close range, even unload entire mags into them, but only get like 30 damage because "apparently" only one or two shot apparently hit them...


Example 3:  I land in 'Pit', I land with a purple or gold armor in front of me, and regardless of how much I spam the the 'collect button' on my controller, somehow another player is able to come up from behind me and pick it straight up (This happens on the supply ship and Thunder dome a lot too).


Please, by all means, feel free to justify this to us, especially to those of us who have invested MONEY into the game for the coins to get a Battle Pass.


If this is the service we get, especially since we are in WEEK THREE of Season 2, then good luck keeping any form of good reputation.


I'm sure EA has enough money to maintain their games servers and equipment... And I'm sure they can pay for COMPETENT STAFF who UNDERSTAND the concept of TESTING BEFORE LAUNCHING ANYTHING to the public... ESPECIALLY when the public are PAYING for this through battle passes and EA Access...  And especially since most of the other EA games are Pay-to-Play/Pay-to-Win.




Now lets sing together:


"99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs,

Take one down, patch it around... 127 little bugs in the code..."

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Re: Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

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@SoppZen I'm pretty sure that's a Microsoft/Xbox issue
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Re: Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

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@eskobaari Actually in the IT industry, NOTHING will work flawlessly, especially with games. And EA reserve the right to maintain and update if necessary (meaning there will be problems). My main concern is the length of time and the countless promises it has taken so far, and still not fixed.
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Re: Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

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"Fixed cases of players being set in non-optimal data centers."
Haha funny ... i select the server with only 32ms latency ... then i go to training or any kind of game (rank or unrank) i still get the latency symbol on top right screen.
I make a peak look in side what have u done ... and i realise that the server u show latency in open screen that is different from the server i connected to. Away too much ... like one is in Hongkong one is in Singapore ... SUFFERING LAGING MATE!!!!!! FIX IT FAST Frown

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Re: Client Patch for Apex Legends - 7/16/2019

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Did you figure this out? I am having the exact same problem.

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