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Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

by x80Five

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Great documentation of the BS that is the world of cheating. As soon as the opponent is ahead in the game, they change their internet settings, forcing a dropped connection and the game ends with no penalty for disconnect.  You can't track the person to complain about such behavior.  You'd think that if someone developed a reputation for cheating, it would be flagged.


It would be a great feature if we could track our online games with a history.  I'll have to remember to screen shot all my opponents at the start of each game.  There should at least be a reporting system.



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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Agree! The last 20 games I played on PC I´ve only encountered teams I´ve never heard about and their stats were 100% throughout the entire game, while mine went to 0% at minute 35...  Thumbs down imagine the impact when running or tackling the ball..

Also the last 5 goals scored to me were totally offside and still counted and there´s no possibility to actually record it on FIFA to review them.. but will now record it with Nvidia and post it here.

If EA doesn´t do anything.. thats it for me... 

It´s a shame as I´ve been playing FIFA since 95! and this Fifa 20 is just the worst I´ve seen in terms of hacking and unfair gameplay.. 

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