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Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

by x80Five

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Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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What's the deal with the hacking on PC? I'm playing against players with 99 attributes and legacy defending. What's even more shocking is that there isn't an anti-cheat that comes with the game on PC. There isn't even a report player option in-game. To report a player, you have to write, remember the player's name, or take a picture. Then I have to log in to a website to report the player. What? While almost every other game I played on PC has an in-game report feature and anti-cheat. Now, some people may say that I'm salty about a loss. You're right! I'm extremely salty. However, I'm not the only one that has complained about this problem. Many others have complained about this in the EA Forums and on Reddit. This practice of ignoring the customer doesn't happen in ANY other business except for the gaming industry. If you guys can't stop guys from using scripts, why should I believe that my personal information wouldn't get hacked? 

Example 1

Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

My initial thoughts where that I'm just bad at the game and I haven't played FIFA in a few years. I didn't learn about the hacking until I went to the FIFA Forums a few days ago. There I learned of the hacking and saw many complaints. I see so many people complaining about missed opportunities or errant passes. 

I played Fornite for almost two years and I've run into maybe one or two people hacking. Apex Legends started of loads of hackers, but at least the devs have been attempting to clean it up. It's almost 2020. My phone can unlock by me holding my face up to it. Alexa can turn on all my light in my house. There are cars on the road driving on autopilot right now. However, EA can't design an anti-cheat for something that doesn't even pass the eye test? If the player that can spot something is wrong about gameplay, why cant an algorithm? Most off these players are bad. However, with the addition of the drop back tactics and the cheats, it makes the game difficult. I know legacy defending is disabled for online play, but it is possible for it to be removed entirely from the game at least on the PC side of the game? 

Here are two videos of me playing to two different players that are using legacy defending. In the first video, my opponent is only using legacy defending. He's simply charging at me not attempting to use the manual defending. I know someone might say that I won the game or legacy defending is easy to beat. In the video, it's difficult to tell if an opponent is using legacy defending because he appears to a player still learning the game. In-game it felt nothing like him being new. I had to play extremely patient. This was due to him cheating and I was playing with my BPL first-owners team for the ICON Swaps. The clearest example is 5:20-5:27 timeframe. His Pogba instantly shifts to the right side as soon as my player places the ball on his right foot.


My next opponent lacked morales compared to my first opponent, he had 99 attributes stats on everyone. Each of his players felt like ICONs. Keep in mind that both teams were stacked. I really don't care about the pay to win (p2w) aspect because it's the person that controls the players that makes it work. Not the other way around. However, this opponent was a better player and cheater. Many people claim that the gameplay feels different from day-to-day or game-to-game. This game felt completely different. It was like all my players had 25 stats across the board. Besides my opponent trying to hide his legacy defending, I couldn't switch or control my players. Also, this wasn't the same team from the previous game above. This is the team that I'm using: My team. I look for players with four-star and above weak foot. I could improve on the composure and reaction categories, but I'm currently saving for Pogba. Anytime his player came near me I lost the ball. I couldn't shield nor could I turn to try to fake my opponent out. Would I have lost this game if my opponent wasn't cheating? Maybe. 


Here is an example of a streamer playing. Notice at the end his opponent not chasing him, but he is trying to make a read on him. The guy makes a mistakes and creates an opening. 

Not enough proof. Okay: 


Also, the top Squad Battles player on both consoles wouldn't even be in the top 100 on PC. What? 






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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Sorry to see they ignored you! It's a shame they leave majority of the options we face accessable to cheaters.. I'm guessing you've already given up on Fifa! Shame they punish people who play seriously the way it's meant to be played yet reward the cheaters on the PC platform. 95% of the games on Division 1/2 I'm contained by three players all lanes clogged up if I go right or left in the box to push for a shot it's already predicted and instantly responded to by taking the ball from my feet.. I've tried alot of skills to see which the AI can't assist the player in defending and it seems nothing works..


If you're still around by the off chance how are you coping because I feel like I need to derank from 1850 skill rating it's beyond a joke and I refuse to join the trend of cheating against real players no matter what game it is I can't take that route

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Posted this a month ago as well.


Some people think that PC players are better hence skill gap but it's nonsense.

There are trainers that allow you to change teams, score some own goals and change back. 

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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I've been experienceing something simillar but not same. I play games play fair try win with my sskills all though not great and I get players halfway through to 70 mins if they score and i look threatening just disconnect themself by the tab button and get the win and i am made pay for someones in ability contain my threats at goal so quit for a cheaters win. So frustrating makes me not want play this game anymore. And trying report a cheat on the webiste is almost impossible half time the ea contact wont load into the choose report part and just directs you to the forums. EA arent only ones Blizzard are just as bad now about reporting things thanks to Activision. Seems be industry standard thing with video games reward the cheats and punish the legitimate players who want play these games as they should be

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Spot on with all of this folks. There are a variety of mods and hacks that people are using here and it’s obvious. That coupled with the incorrect pack percentages, and money spent, I definitely deserve a * game for remaining a loyal EA (Battlefield/Madden/FIFA) customer since the mid 90s.


I used to work for Blizzard, and whoever said that stuff about what Activision did to their customer service and money grab micro transactions was spot on; and yeah, they all seem to want to one up each other on who can get the most money for the worst product. THANKS EA!!!

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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I've now deleted Origin and games completely.


Nothing has changed. It's still full of awful cheats on PC. So now not only are we competing against pay to win, we also have to put up with cheats.

The PS version is reasonable, you still have to pay to win but cheating is at a minimum.

I'm feeling a complaint to "watchdog" coming along. Perhaps some prime time tv complaining might change there view.

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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Absolutely right about the cheating!! FIFA 2019 I was in div 5 in rivals. This year div 9 and 10.

i would say about 90%are doing some type of cheat hack . The worst today was a bronze team playing my 86 ligue 1 squad barely beat him 3-2 all his players were unreal beating sbc Werner in foot race. Ridiculous.

i reported 5 player’s today EA have to work on this  . These lazy idiots are ruining a great game.

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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you cannot even report people in pro clubs. as you have to report their user name but you only see the squad names in game. this is EA though where logic comes to die

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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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@x80Five You are absoulutely true. We are exposed to this persecution every week in pc version.Especially last week in wl, everyone used the legendary defanding and 99 attributes. Slowmotion gameplay,disconnect winners, legendary defanding and 99 attributes... So how can i win a game?
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Re: Cheating in FIFA 20 PC

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its the same * every year with every fifa, my last fifa on pc was 2015: same cheats and hacks like today. Its unplayable. Next time, before buying a product, do a quick search on google to check it out. Not sure how much money EA lost in years bcz of hacking and cheating on FIFA... must be a huuuge amount

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