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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

by tony_matar

Original Post

Cheaters in league vs league

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Dear ea 

we are from illuminati league and we Re top players and top spenders and we were ranked 1st in league vs league but last week we faced an another league that cheated using game guardians to have 10 mins quarters and they had  ubnormal margins they gave us 3 straight losses so we are thinking to stop playing this game because of cheaters and also other big leagues they will do the same because they cheated on them also like korean top team (ranked 2nd) those are the in game names of the cheating accounts so you can investigate them:

Glady ovr 103 lv 67
LV2 ovr 103 lv 71
Conquerdestroy ovr 103 lv 75
Smoke ovr 103 lv 43
Killshot ovr 103 lv 60
Silva ovr 103 lv 74
Ks•supply ovr 103 lv 77
Imtheblur09 ovr 103 lv 68
Zrinkec ovr 103 lv 75
Kevyn ovr 103 lv 82
Dylakilla ovr 103 lv 81
Beawulf ovr 103 lv 90
Warnmars ovr 103 lv 81
Galleta ovr 103 lv 84
Oldschool ovr 103 lv 84
Smoothcriminal ovr 103 lv 77
Pain09 ovr 103 lv 75
Kewel ovr 103 lv 74
Captainruss ovr 103 lv 94
Soho ovr 103 lv 84
Justin ovr 103 lv 98
Orange ovr 103 lv 68
Pynaple ovr 103 lv 69
Eurosteppa ovr 103 lv 78
Hawk ovr 103 lv 47
Niiloc ovr 103 lv 86
Juliuscaesar99 ovr 103 lv 84
Damonkey ovr 103 lv 98

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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

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As evidence I am attaching a link where we have uploaded videos recording the mentioned accounts unlinking and linking to the rooted device with the same logo to use their cheat and showing the long duration of each quarter to consistently put margins of 40+ against the best lineups possible. The same league couldn't do on average more than low 20s when the Game Guardian Hack was patched the first time around and they went from undefeated to 11 losses. For more than a month after the second to last forced update the Game Guardian Hack was able to hack to your game again changing stats of players and time freeze as per videos that have been leaked to us from anonymous sources. The top 50 ranking has been deeply affected by this grievous cheat. We kindly request that EA takes swift actions towards these cheating accounts and leagues all associated with Conquer titles as has been done in your Madden NFL mobile.

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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

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Hello Ea. This is a desperate attempt from a dissolving league (illumaniti) to unseat their rival b4 they are completely irrelevant. 2 of the accounts listed are my accounts and i record every league vs league quarter played. From +8 margin to +45 margin i have them all. Yes alot are above +30 and a few above +40 but if u would like the vids i can post them here or email them to u at any time. There is no foul play going on, just desperate attempts from a league who didn't exist in season 1 and season when my league finished top 3 every year, and they wonder why we are good. Ty. Let me kno if u want any of the recordings. 

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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

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Let them investigate all if you are clean as u said you dont have to be worried 😏

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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

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As you can see in this screenshot you were complaining about it also ! What happened now? Ea didn’t patch and ur still spending so i guess you learned how to use it 😅

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Re: Cheaters in league vs league

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If ur clean no need to be worried! Let them investigate and chill 🍹

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