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Cheat Mod on Nexus Mods (GameModeInfo and Improved Starcard Loadouts)

by O_GamerSeal_O

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Cheat Mod on Nexus Mods (GameModeInfo and Improved Starcard Loadouts)

★★★★★ Apprentice



Over the past few weeks of playing Hero Showdown, I have encountered a highly disruptive issue numerous times. I've noticed that most of the time now, when playing Palpatine for example, the opponent just happens to choose Yoda (a major counter to Palpatine). Also, when you're Boba Fett, and your opponent just happens to be using Finn (the one character that almost no long-term players use)? There's a reason for these frequent coincidences: a mod on Nexus Mods' Battlefront II section titled "GameModeInfo and Improved Starcard Loadouts".


Although this mod possesses a few features that many players would agree should have been in the game at launch back in 2017, one feature of the mod allows players in hero modes to see who every player is using from the character selection menu. Hero Showdown is a gamemode where you are supposed to adapt to whatever situation you are faced with, and with some heroes or villains having more than one hard counter (see above examples), it should be obvious that this mod's use is wrong.


I would like to request that swift action be taken to have this mod's presence removed from the game. Thank you for your time.

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