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Chat offline

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Last week, and after logging about 100 hours on Apex Legends, Origin started to do me dirty by showing "Chat offline" this results in not showing my friends list in game and me not being able to join them for a game as a result.


When this issue first showed up nothing seemed to fix it but these steps did the trickDNS flush

After having played this game for weeks, the issue suddenly became very recurring, until today when these steps wont fix it anymore.



I have tried a range of :


DNS Flushing

MODEM Restart

PC Restart

Clearing Origin Cache

Starting as administrator

Disabling Firewall


Its worth mentioning I do not have any antivirus installed.


Please help as I'm eager to get back playing this game.

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Re: Chat offline

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Hey @Zomy2000 

Have your already tried to Clean boot your System ?

This will make sure no other programs are interfering with Origin.

If that didn't work please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Take time to do these steps as most of this take only a few minutes

Origin - Connection issues


Let me know if this solved the issue.

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Chat offline

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that issue started since the latest update , b4 that it didn't to me even once , i can play every game and it's fine but i can't play with my friends and that makes me don't want to play anymore , i tried everything in here the clean boot and open ports ..... etc , so is there anything new i can try , or maybe try to make a new update to fix this issue as also my friends having the same issue and a lot of others reporting this so it isn't just me 


can someone please help i really want to play again my friends !!

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Re: Chat offline

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@Zeelmaekers i have the same , and i tried what you suggest and even other solutions but it's still exist and it's ruining my gaming experience could u please help !
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Re: Chat offline

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After 30 minutes opening ports, i can tell you that nothing in this article fixes it. It only happens to randomly fix itself in up to an hour.

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Origin Chat Offline

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Hey i am having this issue since the apex's season 3 start my friend list syays chat offline with a message "We can't connect you to your friends list or chat right now. Hang tight, we'll get you chatting with friends as soon as possible." it was working fine before the update now i cant see my friends and cant connect to them i have checked that i m online i can even play apex origin is allowed through the firewall, i have tried reinstalling origin didnt work removed origin cache didnt work plz help

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Re: Origin chat offline

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so i'm having this problem for almost 2-3 week the solution is simple but i really don't understand why it works or if it will work for anyone else 

1- first thing i used to do is switch to another wifi or maybe your phone hotspot 
    -make sure u log out first before switching 
    -keep logging in and out til it works 

2-solution which i recommend 
   open task manager ---services -- right click on origin web help services -- click on open services -- then keep starting and stopping both origin client and origin web help services
 make sure u are looking and origin while you are doing this it works eventually 

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Re: Origin Chat Offline

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i have it too and i suffer

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Re: Origin Chat Offline

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yeah a lot of people have this .. i contacted them and they said they are working on it

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Fix Chat offline

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After logging about 150 hours on Apex Legends, Origin is still showing "Chat offline" this results in not showing my friends list in game and me not being able to join them for a game as a result.


THIS IS GAME BREAKING. I posted a couple weeks ago here and after trying all the help given nothing fixes it except randomly restarting origin or leaving it open for a while. The original thread died before ever reaching a solution. I'm sorry but if I have to spend an hour fixing it every time i want to play, this makes the game unplayable.


The bug also occurs to my friend and started happening around the same time as it did to me. We. Tried. Everything.


Please, any help is much appreciated.

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