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Characters 3*-4* with 12th gear lvl

by Viatnia

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Characters 3*-4* with 12th gear lvl

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Today I decided to play Light side battles on hard (to pass all of them on 3*), so when the game send me to the screen of choosing an assistant of my squad (the 6th member of the squad) I saw many units with 12 gear level and not 7*, but 3* or 4*. As I know, it's not allowed to have 12 level of gear for character that does not have 7* yet. Are those players cheating or this is bug of visualization? 


*I want to admit that not all of the 12 level of gear characters are under 7*.


I attach screenshots. 




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Re: Characters 3*-4* with 12th gear lvl

@Viatnia When you are selecting an ally, the game generates some automatic ally options. Those are not player owned, so don’t follow the same rules, but nobody is cheating.

As a side note, there is one character - General Hux - who can be upgraded to gear 12 prior to 7 stars.
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