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Re: Changed my payout time but something went wrong

by Kol8Ajawa

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Changed my payout time but something went wrong

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I have 2 accounts. My main account had his daily reset at 12am PST, Energy/Cantina/Mod refresh at 12pm, Arena payout at 6pm, and Fleet at 7pm. Second account was 1 hour earlier at 11pm PST daily reset.


I wanted both to have the new same exact payout at 7pm PST. Which would change my Energy/Cantina/Mod refresh to 7am, Arena payout to 1pm, and Fleet payout to 2pm.


I made the change at just past 6pm today which should have put my daily reset at just under an hour away. I changed them both to 7pm on the drop down menu. Everything looks good on my second account, just under an hour until my day resets. But on my main account it shows daily reset is over 5 hours away, still around midnight. What went wrong? Or is this WAI and I'm just not understanding what happened here?


I'm looking at both accounts side by side, both have 7pm chosen as the new daily reset. I can't figure out why they are showing different timers in game though...


Screenshots show my main account





So I figured out my issue. Apparently the system clock on my emulator was off by 1 hour. So I did everything correct in the game but my android system clock screwed it up. After I changed the system clock and went back into the game on my main it showed my new daily reset as being 6pm instead of 7pm like I wanted. So going to leave this post here as a warning to others or to help any dummies like me lol...

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Re: Changed my payout time but something went wrong

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Original post only let me upload 3 screenshots, so here is my alt to compare to...

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