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Challenge Rancor Eligibility Timer

by DropItLikeItHoth

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Challenge Rancor Eligibility Timer

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I transferred to a new guild last month and I keep getting locked out of the Challenge Rancor. I have been in the same guild now for three weeks and the eligibility timer keeps preventing me from running the raid. This Raid can be ran once every 5 days. Why am I being blocked from running it? The last raid in our guild was launched on 2/20. It showed I was ineligible for rewards until 2/22. Now we launched a new raid 2/26 with a 24 hour join period, but my eligibility timer says I can get rewards for another 2 days 6 hours?! I believe my timer is not in sync properly? Can someone assist? I haven missed several raids now and I can’t seem to be able to get back in the rotation. My guild has been kind enough to delay starting each raid further out to reset the timer, but it actually got worse today. Can someone look at my account and resolve this? 

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Re: Challenge Rancor Eligibility Timer

Community Manager
Hi @DropItLikeItHoth,

Did this start happening when you moved to the new guild or was it occurring when you were with the older guild too?

- EA_Lanna

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