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Re: Cartel Coin Purchase not appearing in game.

by proxos666

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Cartel Coin Purchase not appearing in game.

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So basically title. But I purchased some CC last night in two purchases and they still have not come through 24 hours later. Due to time zone differences (Australian) Its hard for me to call customer service as i am either at work or sleeping. I also tried subscribing to see if I could then make an in-game ticket to be seen faster but of course thats late coming through as well. Seen loads of people have this problem all with people saying that EA has fixed the problem despite more and more people coming out saying that the problem still persists with other players. Just find it a bit dumb that this is still a problem. What's the best avenue for help considering the issue with call CS? Is there an email I can contact? should I just wait longer? Anyone else having this issue lately?


Edit: I should add, all purchases for CC and Subscription have had confirmation emails sent to say that they have gone through . My account info on the website says that the coins and subscription have gone thorugh, just no evidence of it in game.

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Re: Cartel Coin Purchase not appearing in game.

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Hey there! First off, I'd like to apologize as I'm sure this is a frustrating experience for you. Unfortunately, SWTOR support does not handle account/billing issues over tickets or emails, only via telephone. If you're from Australia, I'd suggest contacting the UK number listed here. You can also use Skype if you want to make a cheap international call. Sorry to disappoint, but I hope your issue gets resolved!

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Re: Cartel Coin Purchase not appearing in game.



If you log into your account on and look at the cartel coin ledger you can see what coins where added and what coins was spent on purchases.


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