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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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4 goals 2 assists. Match rating: 10

Subbed off because of an injury seconds before the end, simulated the rest of the game which was just injury time. Final rating: N/A


Got a 10 rating in the first game of the season (competitive not pre-season), that was the second game of the season, my average rating over the two games is 7.


Which means I didn't get N/A I somehow went from 10/10 to 4/10 if the average over two games is now 7. How?



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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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@Chris5626 Bruv, I had the same bug. After the recent update, I started a new player career. Everything is getting tracked. You can quick sim when you get subbed, it still tracks everything.
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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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This was a new career after yesterday's update. Is there one more recent than that?

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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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Player Career

Competition: Liga MX Apertura

Team Used: Tigres

What didn’t track: Player rating, goals & assists

How did the match end? Advanced to end of match after player subbed out

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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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OK, I tried this once again because another commenter said the problem was fixed. It is not fixed for me on my Xbox One.

Here are the specifics:



Player Career or Manager Career?
Player Career - I created a new player career at 4PM Eastern on 5/21/21 on my Xbox One.

Premier League


Team Used: Newcastle United


What didn’t track:

Game rating (it shows as 4.0/10.0 in the "Objectives" section in the "My Pro" screen, but when I subbed out of the game my rating was 10.0/10.0)



How did the match end? (Did your player get subbed out? Did you quick sim? Did you complete the full 90 minutes?)
I requested a sub after scoring 3 goals and achieving a 10/10 rating. I requested the sub at around the 30' mark of the first half of the PL match vs Burnley.)


My career DOES show that I have scored 3 goals, so that part is being tracked.  But it is NOT saving my rating or pass completion percentage.  I will include a photo, you can see my rating isn't being tracked but my Goals Created and Chances created ARE being tracked.



This isn't the first time I've included the description.

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Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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Since player career mode stat tracking doesn't work (HERE, HERE and HERE) and the devs are yet to start investigating the issue (HERE) are there any plans for this functionality to work correctly in FIFA 22 or will it remain unfixed? 


If the issue will be fixed for FIFA 22 when can FIFA 21 users expect this to be fixed?


If the issue won't be fixed for FIFA 22 what will EA be doing to compensate players?

EDIT: This was a question about FIFA 22 so not sure why it ended up in this thread or why it wasn't responded to.

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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@Chris5626 yeah, at this point I don't know what more we can reasonably be expected to do.

I submitted an extremely detailed description of the problem, which is 100% reproducible every time. It takes me (at home, by myself, working for free) around 20 minutes or so to reproduce the issue, so I don't think it's rude or unreasonable for me to expect a multi-billion dollar corporation to be able to identify the same problem that has literally existed for more than half a calendar year.

Is there anything else I can do to get someone at EA to actually fix this problem? At this point I'd be willing to film a complete video of the entire process to demonstrate that I'm not lying. This IS a problem, it had existed since the game was released, and as best I can tell, nobody involved with the actual game cares enough to address the issue.

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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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Very eloquently put. 

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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@redsfan1470 exactly , well put ...
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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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I still get mad at myself for buying this. The very first FIFA i ever bought...
At least lessons learned, they won't see my money anymore.
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