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Career Mode Issues Megathread

by blackhole414

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Re: Fifa 20 Career mode keeps crashing

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@bldvl1972 Since release of FIFA20 I've played about 1 week in totall because rest of the time Career Mode is (STILL IS) broke... so why did I pay the full €60,00? Next year I won't make the same mistake.
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Re: Fifa 20 Career mode keeps crashing

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I have been saying for years now if you are going to buy FIFA at least do not pre-order it. As has been said already the only way EA will do something is if it hits their pockets. I can remember EA saying a few years ago now asking a question about what if there was a boycott against FIFA and they said 'We will stop making it'.

I wasn't expecting that but at the same time it would either give another company a go or give Konami free reign. I too hope legislation comes in to stop FUT pushing on kids. I also think the real FIFA isn't helping as well as the real UEFA. Why have they got to be exclusive rights? Obviously it is greed and we all know the real UEFA and FIFA have been corrupt themselves. But football is supposed to be for everyone and so should the rights. 

I doubt it would happen but if it did I'm sure more companies would be involved and in the long be better for all.

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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1. When you start a career player mode, you start with 4 star skills IT'S a BUG


2. Sometimes I am played out of position for some clubs. I'm ST, but are played in CM/CDM whilst in some clubs. HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS EXPERIENCED THIS?


3. My shirt number gets changed. I had nr 30. I constantly try to change it to nr 9. But after some time, it changes by it self back to nr 30 IT'S a BUG, and have any of you guys experienced this?




- Oscar

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Re: Fifa 20 - Edit Player Issues

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They also took out the option to edit marking or defensive awareness as it’s now called. Why do they have to make the game worse in one form or another every year?

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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and here we are posting on EA official forum in the hope our complaints will be heard but look what day it is today and what has been fixed in CM ? ALMOST NOTHING !

How naive we are...

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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@kaadji81 Year after year, but for me this was the last.
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Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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We’re now onto the 7th title update and this still isn’t fixed!? 

I’ve had responses from EA saying the feedback will be passed to the relevant teams and this still isn’t sorted.


This years product is terrible. Arguably the worst fifa in years. It feels unfinished and even more so totally untested. 

Every year there are issues, every year loyal fans feedback the issues but year on year we don’t feel listened to. 

Time to listen EA! SORT. THESE. MENUS. 

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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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Instead of emoticons. After the update 11/19/2019.


So then all the players on the team are JOYful and HAPPY. Why, after updating the game on November 19, 2019, did their emoticons disappear on the team’s screen (in changing the game plan) or did the emoticons look like a ghost silhouette? And emoticons disappeared precisely from those players who regularly enter the field. Below (in changing the plan for the game), I have players who are put up for sale (I do not release them on the field) - their emoticons remain in place.


Missing emoticons or changing them to something (a ghost silhouette) is this a game bug after the patch? How to fix it?



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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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Career Mode

No changes have been made to Career Mode, but one issue has been resolved.

Addressed the Career Mode following issue:

  • Visual corruption when opening the action list in the Squad HUB after exiting the contract negotiation scene in some situations


WOW.  NO CHANGES at all.  Apparently they think everything is working just fine for everyone.

The press conferences are a waste of time.  Players are idiotic and saying they need more play time after they just played.


Some how players can still decline loans.  When its the club who decides who goes on loan and where not the player.



And on top of that Gameplay is still F'd.  Corners are absolutely pointless.  No matter what you do its nearly impossible to get a goal from a header into the goal on a corner, the other team always defends corners perfectly.  Even with a player that has a high header rating... the ball goes flying up in the air into the crowd or somewhere else.   That is if he even has a chance to head the ball to begin with.  You know your game is broken when you're forced to do a short corner just to start playing again and forget all about the corner kick.


AND defending is still messed up.  Players are just standing around, they aren't marking anybody. (I even adjusted the sliders and they still stand there) Or they are not going to the ball when a player is on a break, why the hell are they marking someone down the field when they are the closest to the ball and the opponent is getting into the penalty area to score.  Why are they just running parallel to the guy and not heading toward the ball?    I would bench that defender indefinitely until he learns how to defend.   And switch players is still messed up.  Many times the game doesnt select the player closest to the ball either.  Its a mess.


And content wise the commentary is horrible.  For example: They cut out half of what Martin Tyler and Alan Smith used to say.  What happened to Alan's analysis of teams at the beginning of the season?  Gone. But if you want to know the score of some game you have no interest in Alan Mcanidiot will be happy to inform you if the homeside just scored in a game that has no baring on your season.   Why can't they get these guys just to say a bunch of team names when they had them in the studio (several years ago now I guess)   So we dont have to listen to HOME TEAM and AWAY SIDE. All the time.  Even if its a new team that entered the game, the announcers should be able to say the team names when the game starts.  We dont need a backstory on every team, but at least say their name.  Hell call them on the phone and get them to phone it in I dont care...  I'm so happy I manage the HOME team.  Go TEAM!


But guess what guys

VOLTA was updated hard core!   Because VOLTA is so awesome.   I havent even played VOLTA nor do I care about it.  And you can bet FUT was updated too.


Fix your original game first then mess with your little add on street  game that no one plays.



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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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@aenima6969 BUMP X100000
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