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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

by EA_Andy

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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Still no patch. I hope that it comes today. This is unacceptable. I bought a game to play some real football, not Fifa street or Fut. Stop putting money in fancy things like volta and the journey in last fifa’s. Put money in your core game! Career is the mode that fifa made big. They don’t even care about there Champions League licence. If you still have the teams of 2018-2019, what do you do at your desk at ea? Copy and paste???????? I do accept some bugs but this is not normal!!

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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I’m not sure if EA thought explicitly referencing these bug fixes would attract new players, but their failure has done the opposite.


I really pray the higher up people in EA see this mess and someone has questions to answer.


All these bugs have been around for years on end, what have these ‘dedicated CM devs’ even been doing?!

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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I still remember the -1 glitch in fifa 19. It took almost 2 months to fix and we had 0 compensation.

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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Just sad... please fix it ASAP and that would be immediately! 


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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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XBOX is giving refunds even if you already played the ACCESS trial. Get your money back while you can. Tell them the game is broken and that EA isn't planning on fixing it. They will happily help you. Atleast one company involved in this shitshow that's helping it costumers. Take note, EA. even if it's only 100 refunds, it's a signal that they can't get away with this.

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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Community Manager (retired)

Hey all,


I just wanted to address some concerns that I've seen regarding this thread, and the issues in general.


First up, the other thread wasn't deleted, it was caught by our spam filters for some reason which removed it automatically. I've now found it in the filter and put it back into the forum.


You can find the thread here -


I've locked it because there's no need to have two threads open, it ends up splintering the discussion and bugs may be missed.


In terms of bumping the thread, it looks like my post got taken completely out of context. Simply replying with "bump" is against the forum rules, it's not needed and is generally considered as spam. As you can see in this thread there's plenty of new comments being made, and new bugs being brought up, so it will be bumped through that anyway.


Additionally discussion of moderation is against the rules, it will cause your posts to be removed. If you want to familiarize yourself with the rules you can do so here.


Just to try and put your minds at ease that we aren't trying to ignore this, nor are we attempting to let the thread sink down the forums by asking for simple "bump" posts to be stopped - I've now stickied the thread so it's at the top of the forum regardless of how many new replies it gets.


I'd always encourage you to post new bugs, we want to see them, we want to get them to our team to investigate. 


In terms of timelines, it's not something I can provide. All I can do is let you know that everything that's being reported here is being fed back to to the team.


- Andy -

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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does your team have a vacation ?? you reported the problem a week ago and you still don't know anything
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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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@EA_Andy This bug was in the advertising for the game as being fixed for release. I don't care if you're looking into it, it should have been fixed immediately or you should have come out and been truthtul about the fact it won't be fixed for official release. Many of us have payed £50 or £75 to get an unfinished and unplayable game based on this bug being fixed. EA have broken the law and falsely advertised the game. Everyone report this game for false advertising and get a refund, enough is enough.
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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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@EA_AndyDo you think you can provide an explanation to why the game was released in its current state? In the future, wouldn't it be a better idea to not hand out Beta codes randomly, but instead give them to people who actually care about the game, like data editors and stuff? If these bugs were actually reported during beta testing, why were they not fixed before release?

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Re: Career Mode Issues Megathread

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I am deeply upset by the lack of credibility there is this season. There are so many faults it is utterly ridiculous. I have been a fifa fan for many many year but I can honestly say this year I have played it for a good number of hours and the excitement I usually have for the majority of the year has already passed. I understand there is a glitch or two EA but come on. There are so many more negatives than positive points to be made. Just because I am not going to blow tonnes more money into FUT really does not give you the right to make me feel incredibly dissatisfied. Please fix the issues on this thread or I will give this franchise a very bad press.




A very upset fifa fan

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