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[Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

by MedBoy101

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[Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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This list is compiled from the many different issues listed on reddit's r/fifacareers. In this list you will find issues with your new features as well as some of the same issues we have been telling you about since fifa 19. The overall feeling is that this game mode has gotten worse and it is not fun to play at all. I would suggest visiting that subreddit as there is a large base of passionate career mode fans who have gone on for years with neglected and unfinished career mode products. Please address these issues and please let us know these are being addressed. We have gone on way too long with silence.


  1. Press conference questions and answers are extremely repetitive. There is no point answering the same questions for 15 years. There should’ve been a large number of questions and answers from where the game could pull off. This has gone stale fast.
  2. Editing a player glitches the player to change positions. For example editing a CM will change their position to CAM or CDM. An edited CF will become a ST and it removes their second position. ALSO why can we still not change a player’s position to RW, LW, CM, or CF?? This seems so trivial to not include it. Please add these options to the edit player position lists.
  3. AI team selection is bad or worse. Top 6 teams are fielding reserves or substitute players. This is unacceptable. This has been going on for years now with no fix. It absolutely ruins the little immersion we have with career mode.
  4. Table realism: Top 6 are finishing at extremely low positions and teams are winning with around 60 points. The tables are not realistic at all.
  5. Player conversation are as dull and bland as press conferences. There needs to be a large pull of questions and answers or else how are we suppose to not get bored of this feature after the first season if the questions are always the same?? They also seem to be broken as some players request game time and then respond “I am frustrated I was played and got injured when I requested not to play”.
  6. There is no risk or reward for press conference/interview questions. These just adds to the generic state
  7. After a few years the Europa League does not progress to playoffs and Champions League doesn’t even get started. When you look at matches played for those competitions some of them will show up as TBD vs TBD.
  8. Dynamic potential: Even if a player is in bad form they will still grow in rating. At age 29/30 players still decline regardless of performance. “Had a 30 year old CAM with 6 goals and 18 assist after 18 league games dropp 2 points overall nonetheless.”
  9. When you edit a player, their overall drops as well.
  10. In the calendar, multiple games a day or less a part is STILL not fixed
  11. If you play on Ultimate difficulty, you can beat the AI top teams by 4,5,6, or 7 goals.
  12. Max height for created players is only 6’2
  13. Champions League starts with the 2018-2019 teams. Not the new group stages for the 2019-2020 season.
  14. Cannot scout yout academy in Wales, STILL. Why is this still not possible? Especially for teams who we have national teams for.
  15. Youth Academy teams are debuting with tucked in shirts and generic boots, STILL.
  16. International game stadiums/fields look horrible. The presentation looks so generic and I feel like there is a filter added that makes the national team colors and field look very bland.
  17. If we create a player we should be able to edit their potential since we sometimes have to create players that are not in the game due to licensing. Created players should not reach 99 potential, that is ridiculous.




1. ⁠Player Career Mode player will end up with 0 star skills.
2. ⁠Dynamic Potential seems to be working for some people while not working at all for others.
3. ⁠Raising a players wages, even minimally in some cases, can get you automatically fired. This was an attempt to remove the billion dollar transfer budget glitch that was executed horribly.
4. ⁠Typos in interviews.

5. A player you accepted a transfer fee on stays in the background of the career mode menu and then stays on the middle of the pitch the whole time.

6. Player fitness is very bad. Even players with 80+ stamina are gassed by half time. They only have 50% stamina left and have to be substituted off.

7. In post match interviews when there is a score draw, the interviewer always asks the question about it being a "boring match" even if there are more than 4 or 6 goals (3-3 for example).

8. In player conversations, no matter what selection you chose, the player ALWAYS reacts positively. 

9. Morale is now pointless since ALL players are happy no matter where your team are in the league or how badly you treat them.

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

Community Manager (retired)

Thanks for this @MedBoy101  - we've passed the bugs onto the QA team to review.


- Andy -

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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Please fix this in career mode.


It is extremely frustrating starting a new career mode and realizing that squads are not updated as per latest transfer window.

Group stage CL and EL are from the previous editions (2018-2019).

Stronger teams show a very UNREALISTIC line-up, specially with players were never heard of, with ratings from 50's 60's overall.



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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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The line up selection is a dealbreaker for me, I only play career mode and I’m really considering cancelling my order now.

The fact they’ve claimed in the pitch notes to have addressed this issue is a middle finger to us.

Playing the trial I’ve noticed that the AI defence on Legendary will sometimes just decide to turn into statues and let you run through but switch it up to Ultimate and while there’s some improvement you have to deal with the AI playing ping pong football with unrealistic accuracy. 


I’ve been a FIFA player since 98 but the lies and lack of development outside of Ultimate Team is pushing me towards boycotting FIFA now. 

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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 I will not buy the game till these bugs from 3-5 years ago are fixed:



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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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@EA_Andy Many of these bugs 3,4,9,11,14 have been submitted in past games yet still bugged.

Furthermore the “Pitch Notes” mentions these issues were fixed. Can you realize our frustrations as we love career mode but continually are treated like this by the dev team.

Show us you care about people that want to enjoy career mode but n this game we love. At this point many of us can’t buy 20 with these lies and game breaking issues again. I’ve been around since the 1st FIFA so I know what is possible.

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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yes!!! Please fix the team rotation issues with the day 1 patch @EA

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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Another bug i've encountered is when you go to notifications your cursor gets stuck and you can't scroll out of it, closing the notifications center and exiting and re-opening your save do not fix  this issue. Only restarting the game fixes it.

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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Yep, career mode in its current state is unplayable. Almost everything is broken. 

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Re: [Career Mode] A compiled list of all the issues (new/reoccurring)

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Please fix this EA. We are all sick of career mode being neglected. First year of thinking not to buy fifa 20..

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