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Cant see any online players move in my game

by bonkripper96

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Cant see any online players move in my game

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Product: Need for Speed Heat
Summarize your bug I cant see other online players cars move they are just stuck in place
What car were you using? happens with all cars
Was the car your own build or downloaded from the in-game community? Personal Build
What was the last event you played? -----
Was it a day or a night event? Day Event
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? ---------
What happens when the bug occurs? ------------------
What do you expect to see? -----------------------

I cant see anyone's cars move online, when i join my friends they can see me move but I can not see them move. The game worked fine for me for a day then after that I could not see anyone move during online play. I have looked at all the forums and have seen no one posts about this issue, i bought the game to play with my friends and i cant even do that. my internet connection is stable with 3ping 380download and 400upload. If any one knows a fix please help !!! 

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