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Cant link device to Facebook ios, Adult thing not letting me

by AzorkaSC

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Cant link device to Facebook ios, Adult thing not letting me

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I have been playing this game for a long time, at start i made huge mistake  chosed wrong age,


My AGE s 38 , i can send my passport ID whatever u need!


Contacted your Support and they send me here to ask you , they cant solve it!.


I want to link my account to Facebook, or gmail whatever to play also on ANDROİD device, Atm i m playing at ios  BUT ( THERE S NO CHAT etc.... ) 


Last time, i deleted my phone, download the game and i start playing without GAME CENTER ID and chosed age 38.


Then logged into MY GAME CENTER ID and i could see the CHAT AND CAN CONNECT TO FACEBOOK ETC...




PLS Help Asap. Regards.


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Re: Cant link device to Facebook ios, Adult thing not letting me

Community Manager

Hi @AzorkaSC,


I'm sorry if you were asked to come to the forums for help with this. The advisor may have been misinformed as correcting the age on an account involves updating your account information which we are not able to perform from the forums. Please reopen your case and if needed, link my post to the advisor if there's any confusion. 


When reaching out to support, please ensure to send in a ticket/case from your game account. If you're not sure how to do this, please read this thread: How to contact support.

The advisor may also require your Player ID so it'd be good to have that noted down somewhere. 


- EA_Lanna


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