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Re: Cant Enter Javelin

by EvanShadow89

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Cant Enter Javelin

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I cant enter my Javelin from Fort.

It started just before Heart of Rage mission.

If im in group i can Hold R to get someone else to start mission.

Have restarted many time even after 7h logout from game it still doesnt work

Any helpful fixes for this issue?

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Re: Cant Enter Javelin

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I have the same issue.


Although I have other contracts to do I can't play them because the Javelin won't turn and open for me to enter it.


I guess it's because Haluk is positioned over the rotating Javelin platform.


Bad programming, I guess.

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Re: Cant Enter Javelin

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ya this is a bug an pretty much takes time for the game actually register that haluks fat azz is off the launch platform.

Took about a week or so after i beat the game to have my suit turn around.

The only work around is to head into the social hub launchbay an pick an ready up. annoying as can get kicked for inactivity when waiting on friends an other players that are spending alot of time changing up gear as your just sitting with ready for launch.
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