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Cannot save emblems

by JimboCalibra

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Betreff: Cannot save emblems

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Same here, seems like it would be a simple issue to fix... Please buff emblems!

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It wont let me save an emblem, does anyone know what’s happening, or how to fix it?

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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I mean this is kind of crazy... right? I had written off EA for a long time but came back after trying BF1 because frankly the multiplayer is very good.

But then there's always stuff like this. Were talking about weeks now where nobody can save their emblem. Weeks. And there's been tons of tickets and posts about it. And EA isn't even giving an explanation. I mean FFS - many people have spent well over 100$ on this ONE GAME, that has only been out two years and still has tens of thousands of players buying DLC and playing actively. But new installment comes out and... * em? How is getting the emblem creator to simply work as intended and as it once did not a simple fix? How is EA not gonna assign like.... what... 3 employees for a day or two, to fix or at least address this universal problem? I know it seems whiny, but there's not much customization in this game (which is fine) but the emblem creator is really good and allows for a lot of creativity, and I really think it's the kind of thing many players consider an important element of multiplayer especially when they're seeing all these great emblems on other players. It just seems like the kind of thing that might be excusable on a smaller 10 - 20$ game from a smaller company with a smaller community, but EA and DICE as large as they are, charging as much as they do for their games and all the somewhat essential DLC, this kind of thing is frankly indefensible. Just fix it.

What I'd like to know is if there's anybody for whom it IS still working. Because part of me wonders if EA just got uncomfortable with all the freedom people had with the emblem creator and didn't want to attract attention by simply removing it, so they just break it instead. But that's crazy right? I mean they wouldn't do that, right? Well to me it seems just as crazy that they would ignore this glaring bug for so long. Why make such a great emblem creator, and an app who's only real purpose is to create emblems (editing loadouts on that app is just terrible), if they're not even going to support it?

I'm probably overreacting, and should have expected as much, but I'm pretty vexed that I sunk over an hour and a half into making a sweet emblem only to not be able to save it or use it. At least tell us what's going on, EA.
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Re: Cannot save emblems

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your exactly right and my uninformed arse has just spent about 4 hours making an emblem only to find this brick wall of a failure stop me dead in my tracks, im actually really really pissed im trying everything i can to save my work but its hopeless and im infuriated,  a "couldn't save"  bug does not require 3 people and a few days, that sounds like a 1 man 3 hour job to fix, and ea is too high on their pile of money to listen to us it seems.

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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I was actually trying to make an emblem for BF4

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Re: Emblems

Hey @GGcopRacer,


Merged your Thread with this one, since this is a known issue, and this is the main Thread for this issue.


Stay tuned in this thread for more information.


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Cannot save emblems

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Are you / your friends still having this problem? Cause I am :/
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Re: Cannot save emblems

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@MRNinjaTurkey yes we are... :/

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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Oh ok, I've contacted them now atleast. Hopefully I'll get a straight answer out of them. If I get to know anything I'll let you know alright. Standard smile
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Re: Cannot save emblems

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@MRNinjaTurkey thanks mate i appreciate that , hope it will be solved ASAP Standard smile

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