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Cannot save emblems

by JimboCalibra

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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yeah, this is a sort of "workaround" not a fix. i need to delete one emblem and after that i can add a new one. im on pc
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Re: Cannot save emblems

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One more little workaround:


1. Go to your emblems

2. Klick on the last of your emblems, the one just before the “+“-emblems start. Now the address should end with “.../emblems/preview/x“, the x is the slot number of the selected emblem

3. Change the address from x to x+1

4. Now you can delete the not existing emblem in slot “x+1“

5. Continue with the other slots


l hope this is understandable :D

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Betreff: Cannot save emblems

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@Thiagos02 wrote:

@EA_CadeI noticed that by selecting a default Battlefield 1 badge and activating it at, the badge is also applied in battlefield 4, even though I selected another badge at , the BF4 emblem overlaps with that of BF1.

Happened to me with BFV - I change my BF4 emblem in Battlelog & it shows there but never sticks just one of the stupid ones from Battlefield Companion which I cant add the nice one I have from BF4, keeps giving me an error.  Fix the damn thing I want MY Emblem back!!!!!!!!

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