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Cannot save emblems

by JimboCalibra

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Cannot save emblems

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I have a problem with creating emblems for BF1. Everytime i try to save it it says "Couldn't save emblem" even if i put only one basic shape or more it doesn't matter i always get the same error.
I tried it many times on the website and on the mobile app as well without any succcess.


Does anybody have a useful idea what can cause this problem? 

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Re: Cannot save emblems

Community Manager

Emblems should save now. If you're having some trouble through the app try re-installing it. For the website try closing down your browser and re-launch or clear the browser's cache.

Thank you all so much for your patience. If you encounter any issues going forward feel free to reply back to this post. 


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Re: Cannot save emblems

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forgot to say i play on XBOX ONE. 

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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Same problem and I cant delete my emblem too. (PC)

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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Same problem here.
Maybe this problem is linked to BFV launch. Probably EA is updating companion for BFV, and issues will be OK in few days.

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Re: Cannot save emblems

Hey @JimboCalibra @TrxRptr700CbBzk @MiKY_Envyus,


If you're using the Companion Website, have you tried using different web browsers as well?


Have you also tried clearing your History, Cookies, etc?


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Cannot save emblems

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@iluminatethesky I've tried Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, same message : I cant save my emblem. 

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Re: Cannot save emblems

Community Manager

@TrxRptr700CbBzk Already tried the highlight one of your shapes and save again method?

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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@EA_Cade Ty for the help but it dont works too.

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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No idea. I've tried on the IOS app, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. It wont save. For a while last night I couldn't even load the editor!

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Re: Cannot save emblems

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Hey @iluminatethesky,

Yes i tried both you mentioned but still doesn't want to work to me and to my friends neither , maybe we should wait and try it daily maybe once its going to work.

Anyway thanks for your reply Standard smile 

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