Cannot play with roommate on same wifi

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Can't play with people in the same house

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Sorry if this has already been addressed but me and my brother can't play together. It always kick one of us out of the match. I've heard other people having this issue with roommates. 

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Re: Can't play with people in the same house

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Invest in a good gaming router. I've no problem playing Apex Legends with my Son in the same house and both of us using a PS4. I've a netduma router.

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Cannot play on the same connection

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Hello, first of all, I love Apex Legends! 


My friends and I decided to do a lan party, but we found out only one person can connect and enter the lobby through the same connection. The other two would get 'attempting connection' and 'retrieving matchmaking list'


We solved our lan party by tethering our phone but I hope you guys can fix this. Its quite a huge annoyance 

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Can't play on the same internet connection.

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To anyone that has this problem.

How are we going to fix this? 
From what I've heared you should open the NAT filter in your router settings as default it would be secured.
That way they were able to play together on the same internet connection, However in my case and maybe others the options isn't there in the router settings. So has anyone else found a fix for this? 

I'd like to here from the community Standard smile

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Re: Cannot play with roommate on same wifi

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I really hate to have to sound like a butt here, but blueberry you do not understand what opening a port means.  It is not possible to open a given port to 2 different IP addresses on the same LAN to incoming internet traffic.


what we need is information on how to change the port the game uses to to connect to the game server, not the fount end, not the launcher.


Or it needs to be changed on your end to not crash without us having to dink with router settings like any number of other games have done.  I can't help you with that voodoo, but I assume it has to do with not sending unsolicited traffic or making sure two clients from the same IP are using differing ports automatically.   As I said I understand the client router part, not the server communication programing part.

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Re: Cant play with people in the same household (apex Legends)

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I am having the same issue with apex when trying to play with my girl. It doesn’t happen with any other games. We have never had and issue playing together. It boots me as soon as the game loads for us to choose characters.
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Re: Cannot play with roommate on same wifi

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Disclamer*: I have only tried this on Xbox.


My roommate and I play on xbox and faced this issue every time we tried to play.


Our easy solution was to have one of the two accounts on the same wifi leave the party when everyone gets back into the lobby and just have your squad re-invite whoever left and that has worked flawlessly so far!


Ill update if anything changes!


Hope this works for everyone!!


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Re: Cannot play with roommate on same wifi

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I tried everything listed in the previous replies and nothing worked. I found an article that mentioned adjusting NAT filtering from secured to open and it WORKED for us. Here is the link to the article:
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(XBOX)Unable to play Apex with roomate

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I love this game but I cannot squad up with my roommates as one of us will get into a match and the other always gets sent back to the menu, I've seen multiple people have this same issue and it seems to be ignored. If anyone has a fix please let me know 

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Re: Cannot play with roommate on same wifi

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it worked!! for me and my son as well.
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