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Can't play the sims mobile using mobile data

by AC4990

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Can't play the sims mobile using mobile data

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I can't play TSM when using cellular data. I always play using this method.


It happened since last Thursday (1/29/2020) and I have only been able to play the game using wifi when I'm in school or work. I don't have wifi at home.


I even updated the app recently, and still wait for five minutes while my screen says, "The Sims Mobile" until it it says,  "where's the network" countless times.  


I really want to play the game. I never experienced something like this before while using Mobile data. I kept pressing the retry button several times. 


My phone is a Galaxy S7

New York,NY 

Cellular Data 

Occurred last Thursday evening 1/29/2020

ID: 10035295297

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Re: Can't play the sims mobile using mobile data

Sadly it's a known error @AC4990, haven't heard of it being only on mobile data.

Could you fill in this list provided by @SimGuruMaaike:

Some of the questions you've already answered, but others like the speedtest might be very valuable information to help fix the issue.


do not work for EA



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