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Can't play or patch? +info

by Carbonic

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Can't play or patch? +info

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Hi everybody, as with any update things can go wrong. We of course hope for a smooth transition, but sometimes there are blips.


Lets just get the most often asked questions out of the way:



Q: I can't play my game even though maintenance is over

A: Be patient, if there's an issue there's people working on it, as with all software upgrades things can go wrong. Don't create a new post about the issue, there's already one, simply find it and click the me too button if you have no diagnostic information to provide



Q: There's no update (XBOX/PS)

A: It might take a while for Microsoft/Sony to roll out the update in various locations on their network. Sometimes this can take hours. EA/DICE have already sent the update to Microsoft and Sony, there's nothing more to do but wait (even though it sucks).


Q: I have trouble updating (PC)

A: If there's issues with updating, exit Origin and start it again with run as administrator:


If there's trouble with the downloading you can also try Safe mode downloading in the Origin settings under troubleshooting.

Further issues could be due to background applications messing with the update, in that case try starting Origin after a clean boot as described here.


Q: The game gives an error after updating and the servers are up and running (PC)

A: Try repairing the game in Origin



Q: The game crashes after the update (PC)

A: If repairing as mentioned above doesn't do it try resetting your BF1 settings by renaming the settings folder located at:

C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\Documents\Battlefield 1\
If this doesn't work try doing a clean boot and then play the game, how is also mentioned above.

(please note that renaming your settings folders will make your local save files inaccessible. If you don't have the saves backed up to the cloud, be sure to make a backup of the PROFSAVE filefirst)



Q: Where can I find further information

A: The Battlefield Twitter and the forum on


If you have further issues please read this before posting about your issue:


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