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Re: Can’t log in

by Furioun84

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Can’t log in

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Stuck on loading screen. What do i do? Been like this for days now

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Re: Can’t log in

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Cant log in at all right now. Game gets past the initial splash screen and then sits on the 3 legends screen just spinning... it did this once earlier today but a restart fixed it. Nothing I do now will let me in GG

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Re: Can’t log in

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anyone else having this problem an has a fix been like this last 2 days, cant get on at all at the minute 

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Re: Can’t log in

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Re: Can’t log in

Community Manager

Hey @ItzOnlyRabbit  @VITRICIDA84  @Furioun84  @GalliumDeath, What platform are you all on and what error message are you getting? 




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Re: Can’t log in

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I am on PS4

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Re: Can’t log in

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No error message. Just looking at loading circle go around
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