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Can't get the game connected to Google Play

by BanissD

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Can't get the game connected to Google Play

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I have been i support chat for many hours now, and in the end I was told to post here.


On my son's old phone, he (we) have played a lot for the last few years. He now has a new phone and want to play the game there . Problem was he wasnt able to connect the game to Google play, and I was told that was due to him not being 13 yet.


2 months ago he did turn 13. 

Still not possible to connect to Google Play. 


There isnt even a button under settings for Connect.


I have cleared cache, I have updated phone and game app.
I have even created a new google account that I have logged into the phone, one that isnt age restricted at all.

Still no Connect button.


What more can I do?

Since it is a lvl 85 account, Jedi Revan and CLS finished, good part on the way to get Darth Revan, so dont want to start over...



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Re: Can't get the game connected to Google Play

Community Manager

@BanissD When settings up a mobile game we ask for your age to determine if you are allowed to access things like our social features to connect the game externally to another account like google. However, due to how our Mobile games function once you provide an age it does not allow you to select another one to 'age up' your account to have social features. 


If your son should now be of age, you will need to speak with an advisor by making a case through the game (instructions below) and let them know you need to update the DOB on the game, unfortunately, this is something we cannot assist with on the forums. 





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Re: Can't get the game connected to Google Play

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I was in contact with EA support, and they already had the correct age in DOB.


I was told I needed to make sure the Google Play account was 13+, and I checked that too with Google support. Still no Connect button under settings, so I still cant back up the game and have it transfered to another device.

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