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Re: Can't get 144fps on BFV but can on BF1 easily

by xSiroh

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Can't get 144fps on BFV but can on BF1 easily

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Hi, i'm using an i7 6700k @4.4ghz and a GTX 1070 with 16gb of ddr4 ram @3000mhz of speed (ram is in dual channel mode)


I get about 60 fps on directx 11 with Everything (with the exception of mesh quality) on low (mesh being on ultra), i've also turned off motion blur and all the other effects on the page that has FOV and vsync is turned off and my fps cap is at 144 (also am using future frame rendering on) 


I turn on dx12 and get about 100 fps max, same settings ofc. (with future frame rendering off since its dx12 and i need better input times) 



Any advice such as commands to help turn off some unneeded effects through user.cfg? Or is there anything i can edit in the profsave_profiles? 


Any help would be appreciated (Trying to get at least over 144 fps most of the time) 

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Re: Can't get 144fps on BFV but can on BF1 easily

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Hi! What version of Windows are you on? To check this:


Go to 'Start" -> Type 'Check for Updates' -> That top line should be what version you are on


Make sure you are updated to Windows 1809. Your PC specs sound like they're definitely up to par to run BFV very well which makes me believe that it's software related. I personally have a i5-4690k and a GTX 970 and get 100+ FPS after I updated to Windows 1809. Before I updated I struggled to maintain 60 FPS. I haven't altered any command lines or altered the .cfg. Also make sure your Nvidia drivers are up to date.


Take two and call me in the morning

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Re: Can't get 144fps on BFV but can on BF1 easily

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Nope, still can't get over 144fps, this is so frustrating because i see on Youtube people having the same issue and then i watch old fps tests with the same parts i have and they can play the game on ultra and still get the same fps i do. 

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