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Can’t claim rewards!


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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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Nightmare me too
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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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I got at least 5 rewards that are greyed out since 4 weeks its bs, this game is dead to me and all my friends gg EA
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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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Can't claim any rewards. Been a few days now, keep hopping on and getting a heavy kill to see if it like shakes loose but so far still broken. Very angry with EA right now. Finally started getting into the game and it completely breaks.

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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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It didn't work when I tried.

Just ended up with yet another reward I'm unable to claim :/
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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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I'm on a Windows PC and can't claim the A280 Target Practice reward. Earned it, but can't claim it.

Not to mention that lately, I've been experiencing a delay in claiming the rewards right after I quit a match where I earned them. In the Challenges section of the After Game Summary Report, states that I've completed a challenge, and when I go to the "Collections"(now I can't seem to remember what's the section called), I can't see it finalized. Normally, in order for it to appear finalized, I have to go through another match... Frustrating to say the least.

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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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I was just able to claim the reward for 400 Assault kills. I just earned it and was able to claim right away but I still can’t claim the reward for 200 Assault kills. Very weird.
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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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I just stopped my Origin Access subscribtion because of that. If they don't respect us, i won't support them anymore.

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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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I got the same issue, but with Hero milestones. Starting from yesterday, after the error 918 I now have 4 "completed" milestones that I am unable to collect and just today finished Aggressor and Defender just to find that they are bugged too....

We need a patch for this.

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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

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Same boat. Finished Chewbacca's Stun yesterday and it's showing I got 10/10 stuns, but I can't claim the reward.


Also, the last two timed challenges only seem to give you credit for your first match. To complete them both I had to resort to playing one match and exiting the game, then wash, rinse, repeat as necessary.

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Re: Can’t claim rewards!

Community Manager

Hey everyone!

This is a known issue and something we are investigating for the moment. Unfortunate I don't have a time frame when this will be fixed, hopefully soon!




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