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Re: Can't buy hyperdrive bundle!

by Korppiman

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Can't buy hyperdrive bundle!

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Hi there. I've been trying to buy the Hyperdrive bundle on Bluestacks, but every time I try and buy it, it says "Error - Your transaction cannot be completed" I've tried to clear the cache on SWGoH and on the google play store. I've tried using Paypal, Mastercard and Visa, but none of them have worked. Please help me out on this. Google support doesn't seem to be of much use either. Thank you



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Re: Can't buy hyperdrive bundle!

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Hi @DenViseSkvat,

That seems to be a Bluestacks error message and I'm afraid I can't help with the Bluestacks issue. We don't offer support for emulators. You would need to link in with the emulators support team directly.

In the meantime, maybe try to purchase the hyperdrive bundle from your SWGOH account through your phone or iPad? It should work.

- EA_LAnna

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Re: Can't buy hyperdrive bundle!

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Same problem. However, it did allow me to buy 5.49€ pack so billing information is correct. Checked that Google Play has unlimited on monthly and total payments done. I do not have a smart phone so emulator is the only option to pay.

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