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Can't be promoted in Guild

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Hi there,

I was recently given the opportunity in my guild to become an officer, but when my guild leader tries to promote me it wouldn’t allow me to become one, an error occurs "You can't promote this member".

She has let the other officers try and it still didn’t work.

I’m not sure of the reason why it won’t let me be promoted, I'm trying to looking for an answer but it's difficult to understand the issue.. my ally code is 256-843-933


I've verified my account and it isn't blocked by underage issue, can you help me? The screenshot is in italian and it says "you can't promote this member".

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Re: Can't be promoted in Guild

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@moxxiemoxxie90 My friend recently reached out to EA support concerning a specific issue in SWGoH. They confirmed that they are aware of an ongoing problem where some adult accounts are mistakenly flagged as minors, which hinders several age-related functionalities. As a result, impacted players may encounter issues like a missing daily Jawa, difficulties linking to FB/Web Store, inability to be promoted in guilds, and restricted guild chat access. EA assured me that their studio team is diligently working towards a solution, and they plan to address this in an upcoming game update. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as they work to rectify this situation.

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