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Re: Can't Subscribe

by freakup9000

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Can't Subscribe

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   I tried to Subscribe the other day for the 30 day recurring subscription but an error message comes up saying to try again later. I tried the One time purchase subscription and got the same message but this time it went through to my bank account and shows on my Purchase History on the SWTOR website. I still haven't got my subscription added to my account. I've emailed Support and after several days no one has gotten back to me. Wondering if anyone could help


SWTOR account: VCASDrumming 


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Re: Can't Subscribe


Hey there! Currently response times are averaging 10 days per this post so a support representative will get around to you when they are able. I hope your issue gets resolved soon!


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Re: Can't Subscribe

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Hello there,

   SWTOR Support got back to me and fixed the problem. If you are having this problem it might be because your Origin account is deactivated. All you would need to do is log back into Origin with the same email of your SWTOR account. You will still need to get in contact with SWTOR support to get the refund if the transaction went through without the subscription on your account. 

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