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Can only connect through VPN

by Swifty3174

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Can only connect through VPN

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Hey there, Origin tried to update today, and about halfway through I got error code 20:99. Tried again with no luck, uninstalled and downloaded a new installer. Once it installed the login screen gave this message at the top; Online login is currently unavailable. Searched the answers pages (could only access through VPN), flushed DNS cache, reset router, tried a clean boot, tried running Origin as Administrator on every compatibility version back to Windows XP SP2, I've added exceptions in Avast and Windows Firewall for every Origin related .exe, tried to connect with firewall and antivirus disabled, still nothing. Finally found a thread that suggested trying a VPN, used a free one to connect through Sweden (I'm in Australia). Logged in and connected perfectly, though slow. Disconnected the VPN and tried to play Battlefield 1, but the connection cut out again in-game before I even joined a server. Now Origin seems to log-in fine, but when it gets to the main page it says: "Well, that didn't go as planned - Origin encountered an issue loading this page. Please try reloading it - if that doesn't work, restart the client or try again later." I've been going through this for the last 8 hours and am at my wit's end.


EDIT: Disconnected my PC from my home network, connected through iPhone WiFi Hotspot, Origin now works perfectly. Not sure what the problem is here.

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Re: Can only connect through VPN

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Try resetting your router to factory setting, or changing your ISP.
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Re: Can only connect through VPN

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Dude I have the same problem right now. I’ve opened up all the ports on my router and done all the steps you said— and still nothing. did you ever find out how to fix it?

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Re: Can only connect through VPN

Locking this post to prevent it from being necroed.




if you still need assistance, please create a new post with the issues you're experiencing.


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