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Can I get some Dev help please??

by enm025fb4w

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Can I get some Dev help please??

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It has been 10 days since I reported the issue and EA_Mindtricks offered to help. I have not heard anything since the 12th. I already had an open ticket about the below problem. I have messaged EA_Mindtricks and it's been radio silence. I understand and have shown patience with everything going on in the world. I'm just about to the point I contact Google to see what I can get for a refund. Spent over 6k on this game and I can't get help??



I have been playing since 2016 and linked my game to a Gmail account in 2017. With a quick search I see I have spent over $6,100 on this game in the past year. This morning I was playing like normal and then a few hours later when I login to play I am on another account.  It belongs to someone in a high end guild with more GP than me. Needless to say somehow my gmail account (google play) is linked to his account. I contacted him over discord and the EA forums to notify him and he still has his gmail account linked to his game as well. I have spent over 2 hours with EA customer support and they are unable to help. I have provided them numerous transaction receipts, email confirmations, screenshots etc. They blame it on google play and google says it is the game that manages the associated accounts. Can someone please help. It looks like someone in Romania logged into my google play account and disconnected all the apps and games. I have no idea how my google play is linked to someone else's game. My ally code is 196-531-456. I can provide the Player ID, the other persons ally code, $6k plus worth of transaction receipts. I have spent well over 10k on this game. I hope my only option isn't to dispute all the charges. I just want to play on my account that I have invested many hours on. 

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Re: Can I get some Dev help please??

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Hey there,


Thank you for reaching out. And apologies for the delay on our end - we've sent you a direct messages. Please check them for more information.




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