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Re: CPU doesn't have POPCNT

by Cybahero

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Old CPU's and POPCNT

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Dear Developers...


I am an owner of a Intel Xeon e5440 and does not support this popcnt thing.

I am really disappointed that my system cant run this game because i gave 32GB of RAM and 2 of these CPU's in my system which i think is more than enough to run this game. I really enjoy watching gameplay and the game looks fantastic! Please, there must be a way you can patch this game to support sse 4.1 and the playerbase will grow even larger if you do this. Please hear us.


-Thank you

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Re: CPU doesn't have POPCNT

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Same here, must be nice to get a new PC every year, shame some of us need to eat more than upgrade our PC every time a developer thinks its OK to dump on anyone that can't afford it.
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Re: CPU doesn't have POPCNT

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Think in their terms, why would they want to produce games that run on older machines, using backwards compatible code, that can't take advantage of quicker and better hardware and rendering capabilities. DirectX 12, faster CPUs that handle stronger code with physics engines built in.  I only came across this because I was trying to install on my of my spare rigs with an old Q9550 and GTX 760, sure it could probably run it at low rez, but a lot of the game relies upon built in calls to hardware that just didn't exist back in pre i3/i5/i7/i9.  I upgrade part by part over the years, one year a cpu/mobo, another year memory, SSDs, GPU the nxt.  Spread the cost out, upgrade the parts you need, then plan ahead.  Yes, you have to spend money to upgrade your pc, or get screwed buying an all in one new one. 


You wouldn't complain that you can't run APEX on your ATARII 800 can you?  Same comparison. 


If people kept bitching back then, and the industry listened, then we would still be playing PONG.

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Re: CPU doesn't have POPCNT

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I have Intel  Quad Q6600 and i can play everything why not apex pls fix it!!

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Re: CPU doesn't have POPCNT

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I cant run any of them\

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