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Re: C&C RA Remastered, what a waste of time & £20

by A-Bizzy-B

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C&C RA Remastered, what a waste of time & £20

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C&C RA Remastered soooo not how I remembered, wish they never bothered trying to remake, you have ruined it.

The game is so laggy and unresponsive (no PC specs related!), plus the AI is terrible. You have basically put lipstick on a pig in the 2020's. For the 90s the game was awesome but now its worthless. What was waste of time and £20.


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Re: C&C RA Remastered, what a waste of time & £20

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I disagree. Best £17 I spent all year. I'm loving it, warts and all. I hope the other games get remasters too. Instant buy for me. Shame you feel that way. Maybe you should move on to something you like rather than complain in the technical area.

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Re: C&C RA Remastered, what a waste of time & £20

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They never "tried to remake" it. This is the original game, based on the original source code, with new graphics.


The AI was always like this. They never promised a new game with this, they promised a faithful remaster, and that's what they delivered.


That includes crappy original AI.


In fact, one of the smaller details they did upgrade in the AI was how it targets airstrikes, and now it has people raging because it's too smart and murders their harvesters. So pick yer poison.

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Re: C&C RA Remastered, what a waste of time & £20

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For a Graphics overhaul, it's certainly full of more bugs than it used to be. A lot more bugs. Shame they rushed the job.

While it might seem like you just wasted £17.99 GBP at the moment, the game is still not finished yet. You could get your money back saying that the product "doesn't meet the expected standards of a finished product."

You have rights as the consumer, the time period is set as 30-Days from Purchase Date for EA Digital Products. Please Note, I do not know Steam's policy on refunds. I personally am willing to wait it out and wait for them to finish the game, the taster looks nice though, but I would much rather wait for a finished product before trying to play it.
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