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[Bugs]Known issues list for MEA

by EA_David

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[Bugs]Known issues list for MEA

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Hi all, here's a list of some of the current known bugs affecting Andromeda. 

The list isn't exhaustive but here's a rundown of the main issues that are known and actively being worked on. 



  • Enabling Crossfire may not yield to a significant performance increase.
  • Dolby Vision is currently disabled for PC.
  • Screen appears stretched in 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions.
  • Attempting to run the game in 16:9 or 16:10 portrait display may cause the game to crash.
  • Players may experience performance drops in the Storm Canyons.


  • Squadmates may repeatedly teleport on top of the player, and may follow when told not to.


  • Objects in space may rotate slowly or may appear jittery when using the right control stick.


  • PS4 - Repeatedly skipping opening cinematics on the Remnant City critical path mission can cause Ryder to hang in mid-air.
  • Game does not save often enough during main missions.
  • We are aware of some areas where progression events may fail to trigger. If you encounter this you may be able to get past this by leaving the area and returning


  • Running in a zig-zag pattern can result in Ryder entering an unintended animation state.
  • Audio may stop during play. Closing and restarting the game will restore audio.
  • Immediately creating a new Ryder after exiting a current playthrough can result in Journal quest items carrying over and a number of bugson the Hyperion.

APEX Mission Rewards Not Granting Mission Funds

Sometimes after completing an APEX Mission, players will not receive mission funds. There are a few common scenarios that could cause this to occur.

  • If you have already completed the mission, you will not receive additional mission funds. These are only granted on the first completion.
  • If you have deployed a strike team to the mission, you will not receive mission funds until after the deployment has completed.
    • For a successful deployment, you will receive mission funds, but will not receive additional funds for completing it in multiplayer. This is to ensure rewards are only granted once per completion.
    • If the  strike team is unsuccessful, you will then be able to complete the mission through multiplayer or further deployments.
  • The mission must be selected for each attempt. Currently, following the completion of a multiplayer match the mission settings will revert to custom. As a result, the host is required to select the mission after every match (successful or unsuccessful).
    The most common scenario is after a failed attempt at a mission, the players immediately re-run the match without changing mission settings. In this case, because the mission is not selected, players will not receive mission funds for a success, despite similar faction and map settings

We are continuing to investigate this issue. 

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