Bought house is not in the catalog

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Bought house is not in the catalog

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Hello. Yesterday I bought a new package in The Sims Mobile - buy a summer house. I bought it via Google Play, the package cost 179 CZK (Czech crown, currency of the Czech Republic). But unfortunately so far my package has not been activated in the game in the catalog, it is not in the menu, it is not shown anywhere. So I asked Google Play for a refund yesterday. I already have 4 plots and 4 houses and yesterday I bought the fifth plot.However, I am very interested in a package of  summer house with a car - but it is not in the game or available for purchase. Can you please help me if it is possible for me to this opportunity again in my game, I will be happy to buy the package again! Thank you for your answer.

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Re: Bought house is not in the catalog

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Hi @1006081161992 


Nalani's Summer Getaway was only available under the Featured section for a short time- it's currently no longer available for purchase. 


However, it has been made available a few times previously, so there is a chance that it could return again in the future. 


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