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Bonus round season 1 badge

by Agotdamavacado

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Bonus round season 1 badge

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So I noticed the most grindy badge requires at the minimum 7 legends to have accumulated 250k a piece to achieve tier 1 of 2. However after maxing out my battle pass at 110 and reaching 75k with 5 legends, I have halted point progression on non maxed legends for this week and can not continue point progression, theoretically locking the badge from being achieved. Is this a mistake, or a perhaps a bug? Maybe another overlooked game mechanic? I have strived for the badge and will be disappointed if I can not complete it. Nobody would be able to if this was intentional. 

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Re: Bonus round season 1 badge

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So even though after a match is completed and the battle pass shows zero exp gained characters still gain the points. This was a detail I looked over. My apologies. Thann you for the assistance. 

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