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Bloodhound "Young Blood" and Wraith "Voidwalker" skins

by Snake93095

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Bloodhound "Young Blood" and Wraith "Voidwalker" skins

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So the Bloodhound "Young Blood" and Wraith "Voidwalker" skins returned to the store today. Per not just the news update for it, but also the game's history, there should be discounts for them in their standalone versions, which is just the skin without the 40 packs. Neither is discounted as advertised, and they are both being sold for 1800 coins, like they're brand new for the first time again.  The game always discounts returning cosmetics, which they also advertised in the news update today, but nothing is discounted. I already paid 1800 coins too before realizing it wasn't discounted.


I know there been errors in the store before, such as when the Wraith recolor for her Quarantine outfit had the wrong requirement. Is this another error in the store? Feels like it, since nevermind the game's history of discounting returning skins, but the Summer Splash advertised discounts, yet not a single thing there that isn't original is discounted.

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