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Blocking 30 fps

by tinchowin

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Blocking 30 fps

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Hi, for a few years I've been playing fifa blocking it at 30 fps and it's going well, smoothly, and I can play online, this time on the contrary, when I block it at 30 it's even worse than when I did not block it, it blocked them every year for to be able to play without problems since as you know it is not the same to block 30fps the game than to play it at 30fps and to have it without limits, the problem is, why this year does not work well to block it to 30? I choose to publish here and I get tired of contacting me with live chat and that they always give me the same illogical solutions



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Re: Blocking 30 fps

Community Manager

I'm not quite sure what the issues is @tinchowin.

Are you trying to lock the frame rate in FIFA 19 to 30 fps?


Or is it something else, the more info I have the better I can help.



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Re: Blocking 30 fps

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@EA_Darko Yes, from the configuration of the game, and previous years it served me to not suffer delay or low fps, but this year is worse than if I do not limit it

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Re: Blocking 30 fps

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@EA_Darko Clearly I emphasize that I do this for my bad pc, but outside of that I find it strange that the blocking of 30fps does not work like previous years
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