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Black screen, Quckimatch and Stronghold errors, LooT

by angelxteam1

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Black screen, Quckimatch and Stronghold errors, LooT

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- black screen on quit hangs there until I end process in task manager. whats better cant even see it there until shut down origin -> anthem.exe pop up in task manager -> end it


- today I start 2 QM

  1. QM stronghold - crashed to windows
  2. QM mission - bugged, cannot continue with quest

- played strongholds with friends (4, so full squad)

  1. friend spawn withoud head and then game crash
  2. I was kicked at the beginning, pilot error data
  3. I was kicked few minutes from beginning
  4. another friend in squad spawn without skin, crashed after few minutes

- oh and the LOOT (if you are even playing so unfinished bugged game, at least get the loot fixed, meaning better stats on legendary and masterwork, no 1% crap, and puprle ? has so much I can paint whole neighborhood)


sums up, start listening to your community at least with loot drop (people wont be so much "hateful" or "angry" if at least something is dropping to them like 9.3.2019 the "bugged" drop), because now it feel unrewarding bugged, unfinished game, 25 of my friends are talking about quiting and going to another game, for the exact reasons, grinding end game for now is pointless and whats worse the game is crashing, QM not working, sometimes you feel like its miracle that the game is "working". I think drop loot chances are server sided, so this should be done in hour max. The other stuff can be fixed later, but now you give nothing to focus on only on bugs, error and other stuff. Im talking about end game with this, so its is not meant for players that are doing campaing or are fresh 30. When you done 100+ hours and hundreds off events, strongholds, you will get it. 

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Re: Black screen, Quckimatch and Stronghold errors, LooT

★★★★ Novice

Same here, and I really hate that I always to have to end task every time I play the game. This is the only game who needs to be force closed to exit lol. What an epic disappointment! Devs, take care of this issue. Really starting to lose my interest just over these bugs and issues. 

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