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Black Screen Launch, no sound, GeForce can't optimize as well... Anthem, hello?

by VooDooPe0p13

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Black Screen Launch, no sound, GeForce can't optimize as well... Anthem, hello?

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Greetings everybody! Just got an origin premier

So here is the thing - Anthem won't let me play. At all. I click the shortcut, game will launch (maybe that is window mode or borderless,could not determine) but with black screen and no sound. I can alt+tab and do other stuff, like watching anime or whatever. If I close the icon by pressing x, origin will think that game is still launched and will reappear after several seconds each time I want to launch Anthem. Task manager deals with that. Next thing - clearing cache did not help, installing/uninstalling windows update did not help (my laptop is not eligible), reinstalling game origin and game did not help (did three times, no result), repairing the game did not help, safe boot did not help as well. Next - geforce can't optimize the game, at all. It sees Anthem in catalog, and it will show me the optimal options, but won't let me choose them, unless laptop is not connected to charge, however, the game won't let me play still. Tech support did not help, unfortunately.

If any of you, guys, could help in any way, I would appreciate that. I am still hoping to see maybe some kind of patch, would love to see how Anthem looks like. Thanks!

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